Humpback whales come to waters off the Hawaiian Islands during the local winter months to mate and birth calves. The whales have a beautiful, melodic song that they vocalize while in these waters. If you are lucky enough to swim in the ocean around Hawaii while the whales are 'singing', you'll have the experience of hearing, (and feeling), these songs in person. 

The challenge is, unfortunately, that most people will not have the opportunity to listen to these amazing songs in-situ. It was this realization that lead the team from JRF to find a way to share this experience with our friends and colleagues around the world.

A couple of the JRF founders were licensed Amateur Radio operators and started considering how their hobby could help develop a solution. Ultimately a UHF handi-talkie was utilized to provide an RF link to shore. Subsequent experiments and engineering lead to JRF's first 'live streaming whale songs' website. 

Since I just moved from the Kawaihae area ... and am very home-sick, being able to listen [to the whales] has meant a lot to me. Mahalo nui loa for creating this whole system and making it available!
— Ginger V.