HF Voyager to be off-line due to power limitations

HF Voyager (HFV) will be off-line for the next 24 to 48 hours due to low solar energy availability. The last two days have been very overcast in the eastern Pacific Ocean. As a result our batteries have not been replenished at a reasonable rate. We are turning HFV off to conserve energy. As soon as weather permits, we will bring HFV back online. As of this writing, it looks like Thursday (3/8) or Friday (3/9) will be the earliest we can do so.

Thanks for your continued interest in the HF Voyager. 699 contacts, 18 countries and counting.


Kurt - N6FW
HF Voyager Program Manager

HF Voyager Trans-Pacific Mission Tentative Launch Approches

As Jupiter Research Foundation Prepares to launch the HUMPACs mission JRFARC prepares the HF Voyager payload for a trans-Pacific voyage.

Jupiter Research Foundation (JRF) is planning to launch a Wave Glider SV-3 vehicle to look for a 'missing' population of humpback whales in the low northern latitudes. The JRF Amateur Radio Club will be piggy-backing a autonomous 20 meter band station on the mission.This station will tentatively support interactive PSK-31 and FT8 modes, as well as WSPR for propagation study.

We are planning for a mid-December launch and three to four months at sea.

Please check back here for mission status and schedule.


Kurt - N6FW

HFV(1) Coming out of the water indefinitely

The bad news: Between other projects, staff vacations and operations schedules, we need to pull HF Voyager I out of the water tomorrow. Right now it looks like it will be out of the water for a few weeks to a few months.

Now for the good news: We plan to launch HF Voyager II in early October. This will be for a shakedown period of about six weeks. If everything goes well, we plan to then sail HF Voyager II as a passenger on an acoustic monitoring mission from December 2017 until April 2018. The mission will begin in San Diego, California and sail across the Equatorial Pacific to Hawaii.

Stay tuned here for more updates.

73 and good DX,

Kurt - KF6QNC

HF Voyager is Back in the Water

We have relaunched HF Voyager off the north coast of the island of Hawaii. Give her a call in the audio passband above 14.070 MHz using PSK-31. Her call sign is KH6JF. If she copies you, she'll respond with a position report and some other info.

After you make contact, be sure to go to the HF Voyager Portal page and see your call in the log.

Good luck and 73,