HF Voyager QRT

Thanks to the nearly 1000 Amateur Radio operators that contacted the HF Voyager on its maiden voyage! You have contributed to incredibly successful mission.

We'll be posting some detailed statistics here in the next few days, so please check back.

At this time we plan to launch our next mission sometime in June 2018. We'll provide updates here.

Again - Thanks for your interest and support.

73 for now,

Kurt - N6FW

HF Voyager / HUMPBACS Mission Coming to an End

It is with both delight and regret that I post this note. The HUMPBACS mission is coming to an end in the next day or two. That means that the HF Voyager will be off the air for a while.

This mission has been extremely successful with over 1600 contacts and over 950 call signs. I'll post some additional details here in the next few days.

We'll be leaving the HFV on until the last minute. Feel free to try to make contact until we post mission completion here.

As always: thanks for your interest and support.

Kurt - N6FW
HF Voyager Program Manager

The Rain Report Covers HF Voyager

The Rain Report Covers HF Voyager

HF Voyager was covered on the RAIN Report last week, April 13, 2018. From the RAIN Report site:

In mid-March Kent Peterson/KC0DGY was working on a story for Amateur Radio Newsline about the Jupiter Amateur Radio club and HF Voyager, their automatically piloted, maritime drone operating in the Pacific Ocean with an interactive digital FT8 ham radio station aboard. Kent had to edit down the interview to under 3 minutes for the Newsline presentation. His conversation with Kurt Kiesow/N6FW contained so much useful info that Newsline decided to share a much longer version of that conversation with the Rain Report audience. Here is an excerpt from Kent's conversation with Kurt. [2018 19M] The RAIN Report hamcast updates Saturday on therainreport.com; it can be heard Saturday evening as part of the block of Amateur Radio programming on WTWW shortwave on 5085 kHZ from Lebanon, TN. Keep on hamming!

JRF ARC thanks these folks for the interest in our project and their journalism for our hobby.

Please take a listen.


Kurt - N6FW

Making contacts and making good time

The weather has been great for the HF Voyager: Lot's of sun and lot's of waves. We are making very good "Speed over Ground", approximately 2.5 knots, on our way back to Hawaii. This means that the mission has a little more that one week left, so make sure you contact the HFV soon.

A couple of quick metrics, (since mission start 15-JAN-18):

1479 total contacts, 929 unique call signs, 23 countries, and contacts made from over 250 grid squares.

We really appreciate the interest and support of the project. Keep an eye here for updates.

Good DX and 73,

Kurt - N6FW

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2110 for Friday, April 06, 2018 — Amateur Radio Newsline

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2110 for Friday, April 06, 2018 — Amateur Radio Newsline

From Amatuer Radio Newsline' : Meanwhile, as we know sometimes there isn't a real live ham doing the operating. An entirely autonomous digital ham radio station is operating on a piloted drone on the Pacific Ocean.  Newsline's Kent Peterson KC0DGY has the details