Back in the water soon

After a very successful five day mission in mid-December, we will be re-launching HF Voyager for a near-shore mission early next week on January 18th or 19th . We expect that this mission will last three to four weeks as we work on some software issues.

Look for band openings to the Hawaiian Islands and give KH6JF a call. We'll be listening between 14070.3 MHz and 14072.8 MHz. Simply call "KH6JF KH6JF de <yourcall> <yourcall>". If HF Voyager copies your call, it will respond and tell you where it is. You'll also get a serial number as part of the message. If you post your serial number in the QRZ logbook and our on-board log matches, we'll confirm the contact in QRZ and eQSL.

We still have a lot of work to do on the on-shore logging system so don't expect to see a real-time confirmation on this website (yet). Soon though, in the next few months, you'll be able to check this site for the real-time location of HF Voyager and a list of recent contacts with confirmation numbers.

We look forward to making contact and welcome your questions and feedback.


Kurt - KF6QNC - HF Voyager Program Manager