Shakedown continues - Latest log entries

The HF Voyager is functioning well on the near-shore mission. We have had a few more folks get in the log:

CALL, NAME, DATE, TIME (UTC), Serial Number

KG6JF, JRF ARC (Ca), 02-05, 23:16, 245

WA6WOA, Pete, 02-07, 00:44, 246

WA6WOA, Pete, 02-07, 00:46, 247

K6TU, Stuart, 02-09, 00:24, 248

KG6JF, JRF ARC (Ca), 02-09, 17:56, 249

We are listening in the audio pass band of 14070 MHz USB.The 'operating protocol' for this mission is to call "KH6JF KH6JF de <your call> <your call>", Wait about 10 seconds and you should hear a response on your calling frequency. You will receive a Lat/Lon,  grid square, and a serial number as part of the message back to you. Please do not follow-up with an exchange at this time as we have no way to log any information beyond you initial call.

We look forward to seeing your call in the log.


Kurt, KF6QNC