A belated update and the way ahead

First - Apologies for the lack of posts for the last two months. We've been working on a few fixes and improvements. We're going to be going back in the water in the next few weeks so you can expect more frequent updates.

So here's an update:

We lost our HF antenna during our last deployment which forced us to cut the mission short. The spring at the base of the antenna actually came off, (see that attached picture). Either the mousing wire corroded away or broke and the the spring worked its way out of the threaded hole.

We have redesigned the whole HF antenna mounting system and spring assembly with help from Ken, K6HPX. We believe that this is significantly more robust and expect that it will have a much longer lifetime.

We will also launch with a new "Mission Portal" page that will be available to all interested users. You will be able to track the location of the HF Voyager and see who has contacted it. The page will also indicate the latitude, longitude and grid square for each contact. We'll announce the availability of the portal here once it is up, (that should be real soon now).

Finally - Let me thank all of you that have shown an interest in the project and especially those of you that have contacted, or attempted to contact the HF Voyager while it has been at sea. You can expect to see more grid squares covered and some other exciting 'program features' in the coming months. We look forward to seeing your callsigns in the log...


Kurt - KF6QNC