Temporary new antenna

When we recovered the HFV last week we found the vertical radial broken off just above the spring. The failed component was a Hustler MO-3 HF vertical mobile 'mast'. Although it is called a mast, it is actually part of the antenna. it is a 54 inch tall aluminum tube.  At the top is a loading coil and stinger tuned for 20 meters.

Our plan is to manufacture a 'tapered' replacement for the MO-2 from stainless steel tubing in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we used a Hustler MO-2 that we had in stock. This component is a two piece 54 inch 'fold-over' stainless and aluminum tube. The stainless is on the bottom half. We hope that it is more durable that the MO-2. We removed the fold-over support and sealed the hinge with marine heat shrink tubing.

Let's hope that this temporary fix will give us a few weeks of uninterrupted operation. We expect to be in the water later today. Stay tuned for updates.


Kurt - KF6QNC