That was quick...

On Saturday, Bruce Kamolnick, KK6YQS, passed his General Class exam. This follows his Technician Class grant by a mere two weeks! As a result of diligent study and serious commitment, Bruce can now operate on all the HF bands and plans to set up a station at his Santa Cruz QTH.

We expect to see his call in the log of our upcoming HF Voyager project.

Congratulations Bruce!

Two new plus one upgrade in California

Over the weekend, three members of JRFARC California earned new licenses.

  • Heike Schmidt, one of the staff scientists at Jupiter Research Foundation passed her Technician Class test and received the call sign KK6YQQ.
  • Bruce Kamolnick, the Jupiter Research Foundation CFO also passed his technician Class test and was granted KK6YQS.
  • Kurt Kiesow successfully upgraded his General Class license to an Extra Class ticket. He chose to keep his previous call sign KF6QNC.

JRFARC congratulates them on their accomplishments!